Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Annoying things BRU shoppers say...

So being pregnant at BRU is an interesting thing. Guests seem to think they have the most clever & original things to say. My tummy is open for conversation. Joy. Now I don't mind the guests who ask when I'm due, what I'm having and say good luck. But then there are these comments...

  • You picked a great place to work! 
  • Is being pregnant a requirement to work here? 
  • Is that (pointing to my belly) part of the hiring process? 
  • I've never seen a pregnant lady working at BRU before! 
  • You must get a great discount! (Yeah, like I picked this job 8 years ago for my oh-so generous 10% discount)
  • You must spend your entire paycheck here!
Those are the ones I can think of off the top of my head. I usually just smile, roll my eyes (when I turn around) and think "I hate you." 

Sunday, January 25, 2009

35 week appointment

Baby Hess is 35 weeks old now! Glen & I went to the OB yesterday. We finally met the last doctor in the practice, Zoe Beatty. I liked her and she took time to answer my questions. BH is head down, which is great news! I hope he stays that way! He's also measuring ahead so we may have an earlier than expected arrival. (and I didn't ask by how much, and that will drive me crazy for the next week!) If he continues to measure ahead, they may do another U/S before delivery to see how things look. I will be going to the OB once a week now, which means I'm getting so close! 

Overall I'm feeling pretty good. My back is starting to hurt after a long day at the BRU. People keep expecting me to stop working, but I really really don't want to use my sick time until baby is here! I think I'll be able to handle a few more weeks. 

Glen & I are going to the Kids Exchange to look at all the things we don't need & don't have money for! =) I'll take a new belly pic today too! 

(Oh, and Baby Hess' gender is still a surprise - but I'm thinking he's a Caleb this month!)