Friday, July 30, 2010

17 months!

Random fact. 17 is my favorite number! In the 4th grade, I had Mr. Madeline and he assigned each student a number and mine was 17. I've always liked that number. ANYWAY!

17 months, on our way to being closer to 2. I'm sure I say this every month but this age is SOO much fun! Caleb is such a little personality and we love every second of it.
  • Teeth - I am pretty sure Caleb has 12 teeth, 6 on the top and 6 on the bottom. It's so hard to tell because he either covers his gums with his tongue or bites me when I try to look. :) I know that his 2 canines are about to cut through.
  • Caleb's vocabulary is just amazing me. He often repeats what we say i.e. umbrella, all wet, up there etc etc. His newest words are eat, beep-beep, bubbles and EW! Caleb has been doing great with baby sign language. He regularly signs eat, more and we are working on milk, water and bubbles. Soon I hope to take an ASL class and plan on Caleb & I being fully bi-lingual. Overall Caleb understands a lot of what we say and can react to what we ask him.
  • We've been playing with crayons, play-doh and markers. Caleb does not fully get the concept but overall thinks its a lot of fun. He likes to squish the playdoh, eat the crayons and paint his hair!
  • Caleb knows a lot of his body parts now. He can identify his head, eyes, nose, ears, mouth and penis. (See video below, in which he is not entirely cooperative but still entirely adorable)
  • Caleb just has a lot of adorable habits. He likes to throw the dirty diapers in the pail, wave bye-bye to the water when we get out the tub, point (and grunt!) to things when he wants them, wave bye-bye when Yo Gabba Gabba is over etc.
  • We got a bunch of new toys this month, including work tools, a school bus, stacking/nesting blocks and a xylophone. He has been having lots of fun with the bus and can put the people in & out of the seats. Caleb makes a great VROOM noise while pushing cars, and now says beep-beep! One of our favorite toys is the pots & wooden spoons. Caleb makes a delicious pot of letter soup. :) He is also becoming much more interested in books, he will carry them to me and sit on my lap so I can read. Caleb also climbs up in his rocking chair to look at books himself.
  • Caleb was very busy this last month - he had 2 play dates with Autumn, spent the weekend at Grandma Nancy's house, took several trips to the park, went to story time at the Wilson Library, visited Marbles Kids Museum, and the Imagination Station Science Museum.
  • OH! Caleb also had his first stomach virus last week. He threw up a few times and had an uncomfortable tummy for nearly a week. It was so sad seeing him sick, we enjoyed lots of cuddling and too much TV.
  • Our little man loves to give out hugs and raspberries. We're working on kisses, he saves those for his baby doll. He gives her a big kiss and says MWAH!!!

Friday, July 9, 2010

My Little Cow!

Today Caleb & I celebrated "Cow Appreciation Day" at ChickFilA. We both put on our best cow attire and enjoyed a free lunch! CFA was really crowded and Caleb was a little overwhelmed. But everyone agreed he was the cutest cow ever. :)