Sunday, October 17, 2010

18 - 19 months

Caleb is almost 20 months old. I have been meaning to post an update forever and just have not taken the time to do so. =( I'm so behind on his baby book so this blog is where I remember his milestones and cuteness!

Many of my friends have said that 18 months is a total change in their children. And they are so right, Caleb has just blossomed so much in the last few months. Let's see if I can remember all of his new tricks!

  • We've had a vocabulary explosion! I don't think I can even remember all the words Caleb can say. A few of his new ones - drink, cup, hungry, pizza, pasta, train, car, truck, bike, plane, down, moo, quack, roar, BOMB!, , Elmo, Barney, purse, more, rain..... He also goes VROOM VROOM and Choo-choo when playing with his cars & trains. I really feel like we are able to communicate with him and it's so much fun!
  • Caleb has a new fascination with music. We listen to a mix of preschool songs in the car and he really enjoys it. He likes the "Ants Go Marching" and "I like to Eat Apples & Bananas" best. He sings along with the BOOM BOOM; and signs/says eat. It floors me that he can comprehend that much!
  • We've been doing a lot of reading lately, plus a trip to the nearby library. His favorite books are "Mr. Brown Can Moo, Can you?" and "Dinosaur Parade." He will carry book after book to us, sit on our lap and let us read a few pages before he grabs another one.
  • We have settled into our new home in Raleigh. Caleb spent the first night at Grandma Kathy's while we set up his room. His first reaction when he got into his room was "WOAH!" I think he was surprised to see all of his things in a new place. He loves the new house and our yard that comes with it. We spend a lot of time outside, playing basketball, using chalk, riding the tricycle and the wagon. He would be outside ALL day if he could. (On that note, he can now open doors so we have to keep the doors locked to prevent runaways!)
  • Since we moved, I have been trading off childcare with a friend/co-worker, Amanda. Her little boy, Wyatt is 1 month older than Caleb. The boys have fun playing together and I think its been good for them. Caleb can even say Wyatt! We also watch Autumn one day a week so Aunt Nancy can finish her degree. Caleb tolerates Autumn, but he does not like her stealing Mommy's attention!
  • Caleb & I have been very active in our playgroup. We get together usually once a week with our friends. It's a great way to get out and I love the interaction. My "mommy friends" are a great support group for me and I am glad to have friends here with kiddos!
Alright, it's getting late. (Seriously 10:30 is late for me!) I'm signing off for now! I'll update again soon with his 18m stats.