Thursday, July 16, 2009

Where did July go?

So July is almost gone, Caleb is almost 5 months old and I am way behind on blogging. We've been very busy this month! We started off by swimming with crazy Aunt Nancy!

Caleb got to flirt with lots of girls this month - Elise, Elizabeth and Megan. He is always a big hit!

Caleb is a master at chewing on toys, hands, blankets, noses etc! Basically anything he can get his hands on. Daddy bought him a star blanket that crinkles and squeaks, Caleb loves it!
He wore his first pair of jeans - and looks SOO handsome!!!

Caleb had his first taste of cereal! The first time he looked pretty mad about it, but after a few tries he is eating very well. Next week we'll start baby food, that should be fun!

We also took a trip to Petsmart to check out all the animals. We saw dogs, birds, fish and reptiles. Caleb liked the fish! Daddy wore Caleb in his homemade sling - he's styling!

We finally got to check out the new Lego store in Crabtree Valley Mall. It was COOL! If Mommy and Daddy had lots of money, we would have bought the Star Wars Millennium Falcon. It was awesome looking and only cost a mere $500. =) I think we enjoyed the Lego store more than Caleb, but he still thought it was pretty cool!

And our newest milestone is rolling over from back to front! Yay! I got it on video too! I was recording him trying out his new foot rattles and over he went! =)


Lauren said...

So, when I first saw the pictures (on FB?) of Glen & Caleb in PetSmart, I was going to ask if Glen makes it a habit of throwing an extra shirt over his shoulder. Now, it all makes sense.

becki777 said...

He would wear a shirt that was THAT ugly! =) Its actually a bed sheet!