Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Moving x2!

We are moving to Wilson next month! Caleb and I took a day last week to start looking for our new home. We looked at lots of places - some a little scary and some really nice! One house had a shed that I have named "the torture chamber." It had scary florescent lighting and cement floors, I pictured someone being locked in there and tortured. =) And yes, I realize I have issues.

Then there was a kitchen older than dirt, check out that sink!

In the end, this is the house we liked best. It's a duplex in a really nice neighborhood. This one has 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, a huge deck and a nice little yard. We are so excited to move! (I'm not positive this is the actual duplex we will be renting, but definitely in this neighborhood)

I have started the daunting process of packing. We have been in our apartment 2 years and it is filled to the top! Last week I was packing some picture frames and glasses while Caleb was playing on the floor nearby. He decided he wanted to play with the frames and SCOOTED himself across the floor! I was super excited, we can't believe we have a mobile baby already. I took several videos, here is one!

Caleb also had his first biter biscuit, he enjoyed gumming it until a piece broke off. Then he threw it on the floor. =) He is loving food, he's had about 8 different fruits & veggies. I also let him try an Olive Garden bread stick, chicken noodle soup and a cherry icee. Hehe, it's fun being able to feed him!

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