Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Nine Months Old

(And 2 weeks late!) Mama has been a little slow on blogging lately! But here are Caleb's nine month pictures:

Caleb's nine month checkup was great! He is:
Weight: 21lbs, 6oz (60%)
Height: 28 inches (40%)
Head: 47cm (90%)

This month:
  • Caleb mastered cruising! He moves around tables, chairs etc with the greatest of ease! =)
  • We've started lots of table foods. Caleb enjoys: grilled cheese, peaches, graham crackers, raisins, cheerios, quesadillas, pancakes etc. He does not like pasta, "grown-up" veggies or bananas. He still enjoys his baby food too!
  • Caleb cut 2 more teeth (both on the bottom) for a total of 5 teeth!
  • We enjoyed 2 trips to the park, he's a huge fan of the swings!
  • Caleb went on his first Black Friday shopping trip! Aunt Beth & I took him out on the town for the entire evening. We hit Toys R Us, Old Navy, Target, Sears, Bath & Body Works, Dicks and ChickFilA. =) Caleb was a trooper!
Here are some misc. pictures from the month of November:

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