Monday, January 11, 2010

Ten Months Old

This year is flying by! I can't believe Caleb is almost 1! Here are his 10 month pictures! It's more & more challenging each month to get him to sit still! He constantly tries to crawl to see me, eat the camera or pull off his sticker; he's such a busy boy!

This month:
  • Caleb cut one new tooth on the top, for a total of 6 teeth.
  • He's really so close to walking! He takes a step between things, like the couch & the coffee table. He loves to push the walker and has figured out how to turn himself around once he runs into something.
  • Caleb loves to explore the house! He follows Mama and Daddy around everywhere! He loves to try to sneak off into our bedroom and pull down the baby monitor.
  • Caleb definitely understands NO and surprises me with how well he listens. He has moments where he will plop down on the floor and throw a fit when he doesn't get his way! It's funny to me now, I'm sure we'll get tired of tantrums soon enough. =)
  • Caleb sorta saw his first snow. There was technically snow last year when he was an outside baby, but he was too little to care! The snow he "saw" this year consisted of a few flakes one afternoon. I still put on his heavy coat & hat to run outside and take pictures!
  • We took a trip to visit Grandma Nancy, Grandpa Ken, Aunt Beth and family. Caleb had a great time playing with his cousins, feeding the goats and playing outside. He must have played outside with Grandma for over an hour. He loved it, he had a swing, climber and cozy coupe to enjoy. Caleb was able to use his feet to "drive" the cozy coupe backwards!

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