Wednesday, February 3, 2010

11 Months Old!

The last month has been a busy one! His 11 month pictures started with a tantrum when I wouldn't let him play with the camera, continued by trying to jump off the bed and finished with him tearing off the sticker! After pictures he decided Roomba was more interesting than the camera. He's so much fun, really!

  • Caleb has officially transitioned to all table foods. We stopped purees a few weeks ago and haven't looked back! He is doing so well feeding himself and just loves to eat! Some of his favorites are pasta w/ cheese, clementines (really any fruit), raisins, cheese, waffles/pancakes, crackers, yogurt and oatmeal. He doesn't eat many veggies, some corn or cucumbers. It's hit or miss but we just keep trying!
  • Our family time included spending a few nights at Grandma Nancy's house, visiting with Aunt Bekah and Uncle Hans from Germany and a busy, busy shopping day with Aunt Beth and crew. (We hit up the Kids Exchange Consignment Sale and shopped for FIVE hours!)
  • We have lots of new toys! I bought him the Fisher Price Learning Home (for $20 at the Kids Exchange) and a corn popper. He loves loves the learning home - it's such a great toy. He can't quite push the corn popper yet. Grandma Nancy brought Caleb a cozy coupe and lots of cars to play with inside. He is definitely all boy and likes to push the cars around the living room! Aunt Beth bought him a doll, he likes to smile at her and chew on her face but is much more drawn to "boy" toys!
  • Caleb nearly has walking down pat! He will walk all the way across the living room (about 8-9 steps) and is standing on his own. I think by his first birthday he will be a full on walker!
  • We took a long weekend trip to Richmond for the Assembly. It was fun being away, but Caleb's ear infections made it a loong weekend. We did enjoy going out to dinner with our friends at a Greek Italian restaurant! Caleb loved exploring the hotel room, he kept opening the refrigerator, taking the key out of the safe and he may have torn a page out of the Gideon's Bible, but I'm not admitting anthing. =)
  • He cut 2 more teeth, he now has 8 - 4 on the top and 4 on the bottom!
  • Caleb is much more strong willed and hates hearing no. He quivers his bottom lip, then moves onto crying, tears and all, when you take something away from him. It's so hard not to laugh because he is soo cute!
  • And the best, best news - Caleb is sleeping through the night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He started just before the new year and now sleeps about 11 hours straight. His bedtime is around 7:30 and he will usually wake up between 6:30 and 7. It's LOVELY! I have missed sleep these last 11 months!

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Cici said...

YAY for sttn! LOL @ the quivering lip:o)