Sunday, February 8, 2009

Childbirth Classes

Glen & I finished the 2 day weekend "Childbirth Education" class at WakeMed today. We are delivering at Rex, but their classes filled up too quickly for us! 

Overall it was good. The first day was 9-4 and reviewed the stages of labor, breathing techniques, positions for labor, edis & other medical options etc. It was good to practice the breathing & positions, but hard to imagine actually DOING it during labor. I'm sure it will help though! They also bought us lunch at the cafeteria. I had fries & a BBQ sandwich, and both were tasty!

Today was 9-1 and we went over pushing positions, saw the birthing video, c-sections, postpartum care, and then the hospital tour. The instructor was talking about after you have the baby and the nurse cleans everything up, she'll leave you alone "just the three of you." OH MY! There is going to be three of us, a family, Mom, Dad & baby. It's so hard to believe that! DH & I skipped out on the tour since we aren't delivering there.

We both feel more prepared after the class. I don't think I really learned a lot, but it reassures me that I know more than I think. Glen definitely learned a lot. I have been wanting to have a natural birth, and the class was empowering to me that I can do it. It's great to know I have Glen's support and that he realizes labor will be hard work for him too. 

Estimated time to arrival: 21 days and counting......

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