Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Momma's back to work!

Last Wednesday was my first day back to work. Grandma Kathy kept Caleb until Daddy got home. Caleb did pretty well with them, he isn't a huge fan of the bottle but he takes it. I love knowing that he prefers me! =) Pumping is going well, I use a back office to pump. It's boring standing in a corner, but I am able to pump enough to keep up with what Caleb's eating. That's all that matters!

Saturday Caleb had a busy day!! While I was at work, he went downtown to Artsplosure with Daddy and Aunt Nancy. He got to check out local artists and meet our friend Ruth from "Allover Art."

Sunday we took a family trip to the mall. Caleb LOVED looking around and seeing what was going on. He is so much more alert and excited, it's a lot of fun to take him places. But of course all of the excitement wore him out...

And last but not least, Caleb is rocking his white pants BEFORE Memorial Day!! =)

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Cici said...

He's just too freakin cute! Thank you again for letting me steal your boys for a was a lot of fun. Now the only question is when am I allowed to steal you? hehe