Thursday, May 21, 2009

Caleb's new space

One of the downfalls in living in a small apartment is that there is not much room for Caleb to have his own space. We decided to rearrange some furniture and setup his crib in the dining room. It ended up looking great and I call it his room. =)

First Daddy assembled the crib...

And we decorated it with the "Barnyard" theme set which is the cutest thing ever!

Caleb has been sleeping great in his crib. He transitioned without any trouble. Mama did though! I started using it for naps for almost a week before I would let him sleep in his crib at night. Sometimes Caleb lays in his crib to play. He loves to talk to the farm animals on his mobile. I don't think anyone told him mobiles are supposed to help him sleep....

The last thing I wanted to share are two things that have helped us with the crib transition. First our baby monitor, Fisher Price Sounds & Lights Monitor is one of the cheapest models out there. It works great and allows me to hear Caleb over the fan, air conditioning etc. Second, the Sound Sleeper is a great white noise machine. We usually play the Ocean sounds along with occasional bursts of thunder! It's very relaxing, but what I like is that is provides steady noise for Caleb. That way when I'm doing things in the apartment he doesn't hear it as much. I also think it helps him sleep longer! And on that note, he slept from 11p-6a last night! Yay!!!!

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