Friday, October 30, 2009

Eight Months

Didn't Caleb just turn 7 months? How can he be 8 months already? Wow October has flown by!

This month:
  • Caleb can cruise between 2 pieces of furniture, more often than not his body moves but his feet stay! But once in a while his feet remember what to do. =)
  • He sometimes does a full crawl with his belly on the floor. Caleb is still a huge fan of army crawling and seems to prefer that. Either way, he moves very quickly! The kitties have learned to run when he gets too close. Occasionally Caleb catches one and ends up with a handful of hair. The cats seem to know not to be mean to him though.
  • His top 2 teeth cut this week. It was a MISERABLE 2 days for both Caleb and Mommy. We had a hard time nursing, but we made it through and how he's a happy boy with a total of 3 teeth.
  • Aunt Beth & Grandma gave us some new toys - including a few for the back deck. We've had fun playing and exploring all the new things! (And yes, I mean we. New toys might be more exciting to me than Caleb!) Our new toys include: a polar coaster, a Vtech Walker, shape sorting blocks, and a few more too!
  • Caleb is starting to show an interest in actually reading books, he likes to flip the pages and look at the pictures. He still likes to eat them too!
  • And of course, he is very curious about everything! Like, "Why is this sticker on my shirt? I want to eat it!"

It's a lot of fun having a mobile baby. We have toys all over the house! I never have been one to handle a lot of clutter, but toys don't bother me. It's great knowing Caleb has a fun place to play and a little mess never hurt anybody. =) But, I think I had better get moving on baby proofing....

We have a lot of things happening in the next few weeks.
  • Getting the seasonal flu shot and hopefully the H1N1. (We're on a wait list for that)
  • A photo shoot with our friend, Melissa
  • Visiting Grandma Nancy!
  • Helping Aunt Beth move into her new house
  • Playdates with Andrea & Nathan; Brenda and Elizabeth
And then, before I can blink Caleb will be 9 months old!!!!


Nate's Mama said...

Caleb is such a cutie! Love his new pics!

Cici said...

Have I ever told you that you're an awesome Mommy! He's such a happy baby and he's going to grow up and be so bright all because you work so hard and play with him so much! GOOD JOB! And he doesn't hurt that he's quite the handsome fella!

Mel B said...

How am I just finding this blog now!! Too cute!! Love the layout. I am SUPER excited to take photos of Caleb in a few weeks. He's absolutely gorgeous and it looks like he loves the camera already! ;)