Friday, October 2, 2009

Seven Months Old

Little man is growing so quickly!

It's getting harder and harder to get Caleb to sit still for pictures! He wants to crawl and eat the camera, and I always miss his smiles. He has the BEST smiles!

Caleb has hit quite a few new milestones this last month:
  • "scrawl" or army crawl all the way across the house
  • pull himself up to a standing position
  • stay in a standing position for several minutes
  • started to eat meat and table foods (he's had mashed potatoes, peas, green beans, french fries, banana, biscuits, baked beans, pasta) Now he doesn't really LIKE many table foods yet, he much prefers his purees! Caleb loves mum-mums, wagon wheels, biter biscuits and yogurt melts.
  • Cut his first tooth! His bottom middle tooth came in while we were moving! Caleb had one fussy night but other than that he handled it well. I *think* he may be getting another one, but it's hard to tell. Every time I try to look he either sticks his tongue out to block my view, or he bites me. =)
We've been busy this week decorating Caleb's new room. We have a few projects in the work including a french memory board, photo collage and wall letters. I'll post pictures soon!

Let's see, what else to share from last month?

Check out those blue eyes!! Those are all from Mommy and we hope they stay that way!
Caleb loves to dump out all of his toys, and then usually eats the toy bin!
Posing with his new firetruck, while wearing firetruck clothes. Isn't that fancy?
Oh, that's where we packed the baby!
And Caleb is now sitting up at bath time! He usually just eats a wash cloth, but also likes smacking the water.

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