Sunday, April 11, 2010

13 months old

Little man is changing so quickly! I hope to continue documenting his monthly progress so I don't forget these precious little details.
  • Caleb's FIRST (real) word was uh-oh! He mimicked Aunt Beth saying it after he threw his snack on the floor. He has not repeated it since. =)
  • He says Momma and Dadada regularly, but they tend to be part of his regular babbling. I think he knows who we are! Caleb likes to say Momma when he's looking to nurse.
  • His favorite word is up. He holds up his arms to you and says "up." It's SOOO sweet!
  • Caleb is obsessed with containers. He loves to put stuff inside baskets, trash cans etc. and take things out. A few fun things he's tossed - Megablocks in his hamper, cell phone in the trash can, sneaker in the toilet etc. He also made "block soup" by filling my soup pot with his wooden blocks.
  • I've been letting Caleb help me around the house. He likes to put clothes in the dryer, throw (actual) trash away, load the dishwasher, help cook and clean up his toys. It mostly makes things easier because he's involved with the activity, but also takes 10x longer! =)
  • A few other things: Caleb can play ball (roll it back & forth), "talk" on his phone, follow simple directions, stack blocks and knock them down.

    That's all I can think of for now! I've been a serious slacker about taking pictures lately, but here are a few from my cell phone.

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