Sunday, May 9, 2010

Grandma & Grandpa's Farm

I've been meaning to post some pictures of my parent's house. We all love visiting there. It's not "home" to me because I never lived there, but it still feels like going home. I'm so glad that Caleb will have the chance to be around so many animals and experience the outdoors. My nephews & niece are true country kids, and I hope some of that rubs off on Caleb.
My parents live in a log cabin that they designed and built.
This is my Dad's tractor. (notice there is no house in the background). The big kids enjoy going for rides. Caleb & Daniel both enjoy it, while the tractor is off!
My parents started out with 2 goats in December of 2004, Holly & Noel. Now they have more than a dozen Pygmy goats. They are friendly and love love love to eat!

The newest addition is a bunch of peafowl. This is one of the peacocks strutting his stuff for the ladies. I named him Kevin after the bird on "Up," but I'm not sure that name will stick.
There are lots of chickens! One of the many perks of staying at my mom's house is breakfast made with farm fresh eggs. They taste so much better than the ones from Food Lion. (There are some ducks and geese hanging around here too)
And this is Tom the turkey. He is the only turkey that survived from some poults (the name for baby turkeys!) and is very friendly. He hangs out by the back door waiting for table scraps.

And here is Moo, the pig! Moo is around 6 years old. She has her own little house and free reign to wander around the woods. I named Moo after the pig on the movie Uptown Girls, moo means pork in Thai. I thought that was hilarious!

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Ruth said...

I am super-jealous of your parents' home! It looks awesome!