Thursday, June 3, 2010

15 months

Caleb turned 15 months old last week, time is seeming to move faster as he gets older. Some days I wish I could just freeze time because he is just so sweet, so precious and I want to remember this stage forever. But I also remind myself that every day with him is precious and will only get sweeter as time marches on.

We had his check-up today and Caleb is doing great! He had 4 shots - MMR, Dtap, HepA and PCV13. He was NOT a happy camper about the shots. His mouth was frozen in the kind of silent cry/scream where you don't breath for a good 30 seconds before he let loose. =(
Here are his stats:
Weight: 26lbs, 1oz (70%)
Height: 31.5 inches (55%)
Head: 48.6cm (85%)

So let's see if I can remember all the new things Caleb is doing!
  • His vocabulary is expanding quickly. He can say up, uh-oh, Mama, Dada, wiggle, and woah. He tends to repeat sounds that we say, a few I can think of are mail and Cailou.
  • Caleb knows where his eyes are & can point them out. We're working on the other body parts!
  • He is getting much more involved with his toys. He knows that trucks/cars should be pushed and make a sound. He (tries) to stack blocks, but still prefers to knock down Mama's towers!
  • Caleb is fascinated with trucks and motorcycles when they drive by. He points and waves, but if they get too close the noise scares him.
  • Waving is one of his favorite things to do. Caleb will wave at cars and people. He is at the stage where he usually waves before they acknowledge him or after they look away. I love the waving, he is such a sweet boy!
  • Caleb is still nursing each morning. He gets really mad if I make him wait too long! He loves cow's milk too! Caleb is finally to the point where he eat what we eat (if he wants to!) and its much easier to plan meals now.
  • He can climb up and down stairs. He knows to use the railing and take the steps one at a time.

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