Thursday, June 24, 2010

16 months!

*sigh* 16 months already! I feel like I just wrote about 15 months. Summer is officially started and time is flying by. Here are some new updates about my crazy little monster:
  • One new tooth popped through! Caleb now has 9 teeth.
  • His new words: NO!, thank you, bye, hi, what. He's saying Mama and Dada more often. He likes to say "bababa" when he wants something. I'm not sure why but its one of his favorite phrases.
  • Aunt Nancy says he snorts like a deer.
  • Caleb enjoyed his first real vacation to Florida. He was very good! We drove down overnight and he slept most of the way. He loved the hotel! Some of his favorite features - the elevator buttons, the ice machine, and the clock radio. Glen was actually on a business trip so Caleb and I were left to explore alone. We went to the Gulf Beaches, splash playground, orange grove, swimming in the pool and ate lots of ice cream. Glen had the weekend off and we visited The Florida Aquarium in Tampa.
  • While on vacation, Caleb started coloring. (yes, he still eats crayons). I saved the menu he colored on and its going in his baby book. :)
  • His new favorite toy is a squirt bottle. He LOVES to spray it in his face and then he just laughs! He is also a huge fan of the hose.
  • We took 2 trips to Grandma Nancy's house. The first time we enjoyed playing with his cousins and swimming in the pool. Caleb fed the animals, one kernel of corn at a time.
    We're actually on our 2nd visit right now. Aunt Nancy and baby Autumn are here with us. Caleb is getting better at being nice to the baby - he keeps handing her toys to hold. He loves to sit in her bumbo!
  • Caleb can point to his nose and his eyes, when he chooses to do so. :) I think he prefers poking his eyes over grabbing his nose. He's a silly boy.
  • He is still wearing 18 months clothes, and is just starting to fit into 24 months.
  • Caleb is now forward facing! He has a hard time falling asleep now, but overall seems to like it!
  • Caleb still takes 2 naps a day. He usually naps at 9am for 2 hours, and again around 2 for 2 hours. Mommy loves nap time!
Just one picture for now since we're away. This is Caleb after he squirted himself in the face with the water bottle!

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