Thursday, June 17, 2010

Honest Scrap Award

My best friend Cici from Giggle, Giggle, Hiccup! nominated me for the Honest Scrap Award. :) Blog awards are a silly fun thing - but are a good way to find out more about other bloggers, and discover some new blogs. I googled this award and apparently Honest Scrap is a logo for chewing tobacco. Random! Anyway...

The rules for the award? List 10 interesting, random facts about yourself & then nominate other blogs!

So hold onto your I go!

1) I love music of all kinds. I love to sing even when I don' t know the words. I love to dance like an idiot in the living room.
2) This one is really weird, but I have a secret fear. I fear finding an abandoned baby in a bathroom stall. I don't know when this started or why, but sometimes I'm afraid I'm going to open the stall door and find a baby sitting on the floor. Or worse, in the toilet. I know, I know - it's so twisted I can hardly bear to type it. :(
3) I like to eat cold pasta. I could happily live on cold Chef Boyardee for years.
4) I'm a scatterbrain. I lose everything I touch and tend to lock my keys in the car. I was always a scatterbrain but pregnancy & a baby made it worse. I have never lost my baby. :)
5) I like playing video games and get very vocal while doing so. If you want to hear me curse, have me play Super Mario Brothers!
6) I spend money obsessively at Babies R Us. I think I buy something every week. It's hard to resist.
7) Windshield wipers excite me. I love the noise when they push a window full of water off. I like the smell of washer fluid, and a clean window makes me a very happy person.
8) I love grocery shopping. It's seriously one of my favorite things to do. I do not enjoy carrying the groceries in the house or putting them away.
9) I used to have a cat named Mikey, but we always called him Kitty. He was an orange tabby who had to be re-homed because of my mom's allergies. I was devastated, but now barely remember him.
10) If I accidentally honk my horn while driving, I wave. I think I got this habit from my mom.

Whew that was fun! Now onto my nomimations:

*Beth - my sister! Her 101 challenge blog is just getting started and I love love her goals.
*Meredith - one of my playgroup friends. Her little girl Savannah is absolutely adorable. Mere is very honest on her blog and is always fun to read. Plus she's been having lots of giveaways lately!
*Natalia - another playgroup friend who is Mama to the handsome Nicolas. Nicolas is one day older than Caleb, and although Natalia & I have hung out several times our boys have yet to meet. Someday!!
*Kaity May is an internet friend who is trying for her first baby. She is blogging about her journey to becoming a mommy!
*Lindsay's blog is one of my favorites. She lost her perfect baby boy Ayden to SIDs and is now expecting his little brother. Her journey has been challenging but she absolutely inspires me.


Cici said...

#2 weirded me out. Although you may have just ruined forever as I will probably NEVER look at a bathroom stall the same way again. And since I RARELY hear you curse...I would love to see you play more video games just for entertainment purposes:oP

Kaity May said...

OMG! Thank you for nominating me. And also for your comment on my blog the other day. your such a great person. BTW I kinda have the same fear about the bathroom thing as you.

Sara said...

Dude, LOL. How many times do you really accidentally honk your horn while driving? I have maybe once or twice that I remember...

Also: I'm scatterbrained too. I tell my husband that it's like I hide things from myself!

Becky said...

@Kaity - I'm glad I'm not alone on my random bathroom fears. :)

@Sarah - I must drive weird, I'll have to add that to my next list! I often lean on the wheel - but you're right it doesn't happen very often!